DSC AML, Addressable Multiplex Loop, is DSC's 2-wire addressable loop technology. It has shown up in MaxSYS Systems and in PowerSeries via the PC5100 module.

NOTE: The panel must be powered down when adding or removing devices from the AML bus.

Addressable Devices
The following addressable devices are available:

  • AMS-220/220T smoke detector with optional temperature sensor
  • AMB-300 PIR detector
  • AMB-500 ceiling PIR detector
  • AMB-600 dual PIR detector
  • AMA-100 glass break detector
  • AMP-700 magnetic door/window contact
  • AMP-701 contact input module
  • AMP-702 fire alarm contact input module
  • AMX-400 repeater/isolator module
  • AML-770 isolator module