The aesthetic solution to emergency exit sign requirements.

You can buy this exit sign for less than the usual installation cost of a new electrical exit sign. No need for a power line to the sign so you don't need an electrician. This sign can be put up by regular maintainence personnel

So you save money from day one when you install a BetaLux sign and continue to save money because it doesn't use any electricity, no light bulbs to replace, no batteries to test and replace.

BetaLux-E is only 8 1/4" x 12 3/4" x 1", comes with Designer Grey casing, and a universal arrow kit. Wherever architectural integrity is a priority such as schools hotels, office buildings, banks, theaters and restaurants, or harsh and dangerous environments such as off-shore oil rigs, mines, refineries, munitions plants, and chemical factories are the application, BetaLux is the sign of choice.

BetaLux-E is completely waterproof, explosion proof, and incapable of generating sparks. It is simple and easy to install, requires no maintenance, and can be ordered with an extended lifetime of 10,15 or 20 years depending upon the initial luminance ordered.

When you specify BetaLux-E you can be confident that you have done everything to satisfy the demands of the architectural situation, and to provide building occupants with reliable emergency lighting.

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